Medium & High Voltage Motors

With the acquisition of Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali SpA in 2013, Nidec became one of the few manufacturers in the world that can claim more than 150 years in the design and manufacture of MV and HV electric motors for industrial applications, up to 60 MW. Our engineering team can support new product development, revampings and retrofits including reverse engineering for older brands that no longer exist on the market.

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  • 60 MW largest MV electric motor built to date
    officina monfalcone
  • -60°C the operating temperature of the electric motors on the Transiberian pipeline
    prova mv motors
  • >140 the number of countries where our products are currently being used
motor design

Pareto Efficiency Solutions

What sets us apart are our engineered-to-order capabilities: customized solutions, reliability and flexibility are key concepts in our manufacturing processes. Our motor and generator solutions are fully developed using finite-element and advanced analytical tools to define the best design for the specific customer application,- identifying  performance-cost optimization.


Robust and reliable performance

We manufacture induction, synchronous, flameproof and DC motors. Our rugged and resistant machines are ideal for heavy duty applications in various markets such as oil & gas, marine, energy and metals. You can rely on our top quality standards: our state-of- the-art testing facility with advanced real time data acquisition and automatic reporting system allows us to meet the most stringent requirements.

Synchronous motors

Manufacturing and service support

Our factory in Monfalcone (Italy), which covers more than 80.000 square meters, is a center of excellence for MV & HV motors and generators. A state-of-the-art test area provides our customers with system tests, motors plus VFDs, and tests up to 60 MW in back to back configuration. With 29 service centers and a network of service partners across four continents we closely support our customers all over the world.

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Motors product lines

    • POWER RATING: 150 – 25.000 kW; 200 – 33.000 HP
    • VOLTAGE: up to 15 kV
    • NUMBERS OF POLES: 2 – 36


    • POWER RATING: 1.000 – 45.000 kW; 1.340 – 60.000 HP
    • VOLTAGE: up to 15 kV
    • NUMBERS OF POLES: 2 – 36


    • POWER RATING: 150- 4.500 kW; 200- 6.000 HP
    • VOLTAGE: up to 15 kV
    • NUMBERS OF POLES:  2 – 20


    • POWER RATING: 30 – 6.000 kW (@ 150 rpm in tandem)
    • VOLTAGE: up to 1000 V
    • NUMBERS OF POLES: 2 – 24


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