Induction Motors

Medium & High Voltage Motors

Electric Motors to meet demanding specifications

>Power rating: 150 – 25.000 kW
>Voltage: up to 15 kV



All Nidec Conversion induction machines are manufactured in rugged fabricated steel frames, providing high mechanical stiffness and durability. The rotor is built with an aluminium squirrel cage rotor. Rotor packs are made from single punch laminations up to size 1000, stators are built as self contained units which are mounted into the frame after the coils have been inserted and the whole unit has undergone our MICASYSTEM® VPI process.


Our Micasystem® VPI insulation system is one of the best on the market, offering a higher degree of realiability. This system is based on a special mica tape and a blend of solventless epoxy resins. Due to its outstanding dielectric and mechanical properties this class F insulation system is qualified for use in nuclear power stations and highly aggressive environments.

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