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Maximizing your system's performance

Technology is evolving faster than the industrial market can keep up with. Industry 4.0, digital factories , smart components, incorporating cyber-physical systems, big data collection across multiple geographic locations, remote monitoring and maintenance – all serve to improve process speed, reach higher efficiency and finally deliver better products and services to customers.


However, adapting an existing plant to incorporate these technologies is not painless: the change can often be very complex and expensive, full of hidden costs that arise during project execution. To minimize costs and downtime, plants require a step by step process, integrating new systems and components with existing ones – that are often still performing well despite their age.

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Nidec Conversion’ strengths in System integration

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    Real time control and seamless integration with existing systems – ARTICS, our open, standard platform based on off-the-shelf hardware and software is ready to integrate new products as they come to market so that your plant is always state-of-the-art and maintenance costs are under control.

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    Full electrical partner – we are able to develop and realize complete turnkey electrical systems, from simple drive-motor to control systems for complex manufacturing processes to give new energy to your aging plants. In addition, our power quality expertise allows us to implement highly reliable solutions.

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    Optimal energy assets – we are able to incorporate renewable energy sources and solutions that minimize energy consumption to help reduce your plant’s electric bills.

In addition we offer

World-class best practices – our engineers from all over the world share their knowledge to choose the best solutions in terms of quality and costs, developing a global library of standard algorithms, giving customers access to the globe’s best practices on any given application. Our centre of excellence for system standardization is located in Vicenza, Italy.
Customer proximity – our specialized teams of system integrators are present on 3 continents, in more than 18 countries. Experienced engineers will study your challenges and then work with you to define solutions that meet your specific needs and budget.


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