Medium & High Voltage Drives

There are only a handful of manufacturers today capable of supplying medium and high voltage drives for industrial applications and even fewer have the experience that Nidec has. We offer a complete range of medium and high voltage drives and drive systems for industrial pumps, fans, compressors and processing lines.

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  • 100 MW maximum power rating with Silcovert TH
    th container centrato
  • FUSION RESEARCH LABORATORIES: 5 SILCOVERT GN short circuit detection and stop in less than 150µs
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  • th container centrato
    100 MW maximum power rating with Silcovert TH
  • gn f4e web
    FUSION RESEARCH LABORATORIES: 5 SILCOVERT GN short circuit detection and stop in less than 150µs
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Taking your manufacturing processes to new frontiers

For over 110 years we have developed, manufactured and supplied electric drives and power control systems for numerous applications worldwide. Our development and applications engineers have the expertise in power control design to tailor solutions that often exceed customer expectations. Our Medium & High Voltage drives are designed to improve the overall flexibility and efficiency of the plant, achieving significant, long-term cost savings by reducing energy consumption.


The right fit for the right performance

From their inception our converter system designs have been focused on compliance with customer requirements including: dynamic performance consistent with the most demanding process needs, user-friendly interface, high reliability as well as ease of maintenance and repair; offering optimum power quality, near unity power factor and more than 98% drive efficiency. Our engineering capabilities allow us to configure and supply power conversion systems up to 100 MW based on our standard drive technology.


Highly reliable standard components

  • Common Control Platform: our family of MV & HV Drives all use our state-of-the-art control system, that allows perfect control of the whole process and enhances the efficiency in your plant.
  • Standard Power Modules: we have a full range of modular solutions, in DFE or AFE configuration. By placing modules in parallel we can rapidly configure the drive to match power needs.
  • Cooling Options: the drives can be air or water-cooled.
  • Wide Range of Auxiliaries: these include switchgear, transformers, harmonic filters.
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Active Front End (AFE)

Active Front End (AFE) refers to PWM inverters connected to the supply line able to perform the DC-bus voltage regulation at a fixed value in both motoring and regenerating operation of the motor side converter. The three-level AFE configuration provides ultra high efficiency, controlled power factor, minimum torque ripple and low input and output harmonic content.


Low network harmonics

Our MV drives ensure excellent power factor line-side in every working condition due to the full-wave rectification using multiphase diode operation. The harmonic content meets the most stringent requirements for current and voltage harmonic distortion as defined by IEC and NEMA standards. The harmonic content motor-side is also extremely low thanks to our Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control that eliminates network harmonics without increasing the drive’s complexity.

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