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Nidec Powers the Future with New Energy Technology and Manufacturing in America

EV Charging North America

New Energy solutions provider Nidec has begun production of EV chargers and components for Energy Storage Systems at their Cleveland facility to serve the growing American market.


Cleveland, OH – April 10, 2024 – Nidec marks an important milestone in the advancement of new energy technology and manufacturing in the United States as it begins production at its newly-upgraded state-of-the-art facility in Cleveland.

The manufacturing capability expansion includes new manufacturing lines for Nidec’s DC Fast chargers for electric vehicles (EV) and Power Conversion Systems (PCS) for battery energy storage systems (BESS). The products designed, engineered, manufactured, and fully tested at this facility support new energy initiatives throughout the United States, such as the recently announced Dogfish BESS project awarded by Gore Street Fund PLC, which will deliver improved reliability to the ERCOT power grid system in Texas.

This milestone has received wide support and praise at the state and federal levels, with Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown explaining how Nidec’s technology and production strategy advances the Build America Buy America provisions which his office helped author. “It means more work for Ohioans up and down the supply chain at manufacturers like Nidec,” commented Brown. “This expansion will create new opportunities for Ohio businesses and workers and will continue to cement our state’s leadership in manufacturing and innovation.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine cited Nidec’s long history in Ohio when he heard the “outstanding news” of the new domestic production launch, commenting that “as technology continues to advance, Nidec’s northeast Ohio team will play an important role in powering our future”.

The investment in the Cleveland facility is part of Nidec’s commitment to enabling the global energy transition by developing high-performance electrical products and solutions. With products and initiatives such as DC Fast chargers and BESS, Nidec deploys technologies that deliver reliable energy at any time and in any weather condition. This hardware is complemented by strong proprietary software and a dedicated service offering, ensuring that Nidec customers enjoy optimized performance, high reliability, and long installment lifecycles.

Nidec already boasts an impressive track record in the European market, with a BESS install base that can provide back-up power to up to five million homes, and EV charger deployments that support energy distributors, companies, and municipalities throughout the region. After receiving third party certification to meet American safety standards, Nidec now brings this proven EV charging technology to the American market, providing the high-quality, reliable, and safe solutions needed to enable EV adoption.

“The advanced technology Nidec manufactures here in Cleveland keeps the U.S. on the leading front of the global energy transition because we can support new energy installments within the U.S., for the U.S.,” commented Ali Karvar, President and General Manager of Nidec Industrial Solutions-Americas.

As the U.S. government continues to invest in American energy independence and security through legislation such as the Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act, Nidec has become a key player in meeting growing energy efficiency needs with its products and manufacturing capabilities.

“Congratulations to the team at Nidec on this important milestone in advancing the energy transition,” said National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) President and CEO Debra Phillips. “Our economy and way of life are rapidly electrifying thanks to NEMA member companies like Nidec that are delivering innovative products and technologies. This facility will accelerate that progress and bolster the supply chain for critical components and parts. It’s a win-win for electrification and for the local community.”

Nidec expects to add more skilled manufacturing technicians, engineers, and R&D positions to its Cleveland facility as it grows its local supplier base to meet domestic BESS and EV charging demand over the coming years.


About Nidec

With headquarters in Kyoto, Japan, Nidec is the world’s leading electric motor manufacturer, with 2023 revenues of over $18B USD and comprised of over 300 group companies and 122,000 employees.  A pioneer in electrification, Nidec has worked across a wide array of industries ranging from information technology, automotive, appliance, commercial, industrial and machinery since its foundation in 1973. Nidec is a trusted development partner in multiple high-growth spaces including industrial automation, vehicle electrification and energy storage, providing world-class technology, support, and localized manufacturing to support industry leaders across the globe.


About Nidec Industrial Solutions

With US headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, Nidec Industrial Solutions has a proven history of innovation and expertise which allows the company to tailor its products and services to meet the needs of industries around the globe. Nidec Industrial Solutions is an expert in Power Conversion Systems, EV Charging, Power Quality, and Hydrogen.


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