Nidec Industrial Solutions real-time remote troubleshooting assistance

Connect with a Nidec Industrial Solutions expert anytime, anywhere for immediate remote assistance.

Receive 24/7 live instructions remote from our experts to keep production going


Our remote monitoring service tool is available to all our customers and field technicians for immediate consultation services with our drive and motor specialists.

The service works using standard off-the-shelf smart glasses connected to our remote assistance App. The App is currently available in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Russian.

It’s possible to adjust the bandwidth to increase/decrease the video quality to match the bandwidth available on site.

Key benefits:

  1. Reduce downtime and costs by resolving issues faster
  2. Connect instantly to the right expert and information
  3. Improve safety and awareness
  4. Enhance quality of repairs and associated asset life
  5. Increase knowledge base through access to previously solved problems

Downloading the App

Downloading the App is easy and can be done on any smart phone or tablet. Once you have installed the app your Nidec service representative will provide you with the necessary login credentials. Please note that you must be a Nidec customer to access the app.

Make real-time remote assistance a regular part of your maintenance contract

If you have a Long Term Maintenance Agreement with us or are looking to establish a contract with us, please note that our real-time remote assistance can be an integral part of the service we provide. The Service can also be purchased as a stand alone item.

A typical real-time remote assistance contract includes the following:

  • Standard User license for Smartphone or tablet
  • Smart glasses
  • Assistance data storage which allows you to integrate your maintenance records with the data collected during remote interventions
  • Priority dial-in
  • A specified number of hours of remote assistance included
  • Additional hours at discounted rates