Spare Parts Management

Original manufacturers’ spare parts for the plant’s lifecycle


Compatible components to optimize performance and efficiency

Nidec Industrial Solutions believes in supporting your plant for its entire life cycle. We can manage your spare parts for you and ensure that new parts and components are fully compatible with older equipment to reduce the risk of obsolescence.

Capital spares for motors and generators

Through its reverse engineering capabilities, Nidec Industrial Solutions can manufacture capital spare parts (Rotor Poles, Stator Windings and Brushless Excitation systems) for any kind of electrical machine.

We cover a wide range of powers on both synchronous and asynchronous machines (installed references on generators for rotor coils up to 300MVA and stator bars up to 180MVA).

poles (2)


  • Complete Finite Element Method (FEM) calculation for rotor poles to ensure component performance and reliability
  • Supply of poles and rotor coils of different sizes and fixing method including dovetails, hammerheads and bolts
  • For older generators we can supply round head coils; replacing only the copper part of each pole


  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) of windings
  • Diamond coils and Roebel bars for windings developed in Resin Rich Technology including both design and manufacture


  • Brushless exciters for any kind of generator including design & manufacture
  • Upgrade old static and dynamo generator exciting systems to brushless exciters without impact on other components

Power Electronics replacement parts

All our spare parts are manufactured and tested to meet our standards of performance, quality and reliability. Our Maintenance and Inspection services also offer Spare Parts Management to make sure the right spares are on hand when they are needed. Using remote diagnostics our technicians can evaluate equipment performance and advise you when it’s time to order spares, guaranteeing reliable operation of your equipment and minimizing capital expenditures.

power electronics replacement parts
Spare parts for medium voltage and low voltage inverters:


  • IGBT and IGCT power modules


  • Power components such as thyristors


  • Control boards


  • Auxiliaries: water pumps, water filters, main and hatch fans, condensers, auxiliary transformers, fuses, auxiliary power supplies.