Revamping and upgrades

Enhancing equipment life for higher efficiency, reliability, safety


Industry-specific experience in revamping projects

Deep experience in turn-key automation and control solutions as well as stand-alone drives and motors combined with our production know-how means we tailor upgrades to your specific needs. When we perform an upgrade project our goal is to minimize downtime and maximize production and maintainability. Our broad range of capabilities include:
• Revamping, repair and diagnostics of motors and generators
• Upgrades for drive and drive automation systems
• Upgrades of plant automation systems
• Improvement of power quality and system efficiency

Highly organized revamping for very short outage time

When the modification effects the entire plant, our engineers develop a technical proposal in collaboration with the customer to minimize downtime and production costs. A detailed step-by-step project plan is created that accounts for scheduled shutdowns, short maintenance stops, plant safety requirements and plant operation constraints.

Revamping, repair and diagnostic of electric motors and generators

For over thirty years Nidec has provided diagnostics, maintenance, and repair of electric machines in our workshops and at user’s plants. We offer timely response while providing suitable equipment and experienced technicians that reduce machine down time improving efficiency and power rating introducing solutions with technogies at the state-of-the-art.

repair and diagnostic of electric motors and generators
  • Dismantling, diagnostics, cleaning, reassembly, test
  • Power upgrade through re-engineering on main items (stator/rotor)
  • Stator/rotor windings replacement
  • Earth and phase to phase fault repairing
  • Substitution of damaged components
  • Stator winding bypass
Hydroelectric power station revamping - Case study

Upgrades of drives and automation systems

We are committed to providing lifecycle assistance for our power electronics/inverters, which can offer 20+ years of performance with proper use and maintenance. Our services include upgrading obsolete components with new state-of-the-art ones ensures operation of the plant and minimizes downtime.

Our engineers continuously develop new solutions to bring your systems to a higher level of efficiency, reliability and performance.


upgrades for variable frequency drives (3)
Typical upgrades include:
  • Replacement of old DC drives, MG sets and AC drives
  • Upgrades of machine electrical control systems including PLC replacement
  • Replacement of obsolete controllers with latest generation PLC or ARTICS system
  • Integration of new diagnostics systems and data historians
  • HMI upgrades and improvements
  • DC to AC conversion of drives and motors

Upgrades of plant automation systems

With high level automation systems installed in hundreds of mills around the world, our engineers are constantly improving our customers’ plant performance and reliability.

automation (upgrade) (2)
The main actions are:
  • Replacing the SW, HW and firmware of the plant wide automation system
  • Upgrade or replacement of the relevant electrical and automation control system
  • Installation of new functions on existing automation platform including upgrade of the Mill Mathematical models
  • Replace serial communication with field I/O
  • HMI and data acquisition system replacements
  • Enhanced diagnostic systems to reduce troubleshooting time

Revamping and upgrading of Power Quality Systems

With more than 7 GVar power installed, Nidec is recognized for its depth of experience and know-how in the design and implementation of power quality solutions.


Whether you need to revamp or expand an existing facility, or meet new power quality regulations, our highly qualified team of engineers have the expertise to deliver the best tailored solutions to improve the performance of your installed system. Starting from a careful assessment, which may include a measuring campaign and a detailed report about the problem, we define the possible solutions. Our design expertise covers the optimal sizing and selection of technology. Nidec supplies  thyristor based technology (TCR, CSRT, SVC, SWC, High Current, Low Voltage Thyristor Unit), and IGBT technology (Voltage Source Converter or STATCOM for Active Filtering, High Ratio of Flicker Mitigation, Very Fast Response Time), with a sophisticated control platform that can integrate and coordinate different power conversion technologies.

For very old SVCs, we have two approaches for revamping. We can replace the complete thyristor valve with a new generation valve using a water cooled design. Alternatively, a Statcom will increase the power rating and/or the performance of the complete reactive power compensation system.


Why to revamp or upgrade a power quality system
  • Revamping and installation of more powerful equipment in an old plant
  • Expansion of an existing facility
  • More stringent power quality regulations set by the Electrical Utility
  • Obsolescence of the equipment and difficulty finding spare parts