Medium Voltage Softstarters


Reliable solutions for asynchronous and synchronous machines for industrial applications



We can provide Medium Voltage Softstarters to start synchronous motors in any fixed speed. They ensure smooth, step-less control of acceleration.

These products are designed to eliminate mechanical shocks and reduce inrush current to protect both motor and load. Our medium voltage softstarter provides a high level of safety and power quality immunity with high level isolation circuit via optical fibres.

To start a large synchronous machine with no noise on the network, we provide our LCI technology – Silcovert S, load-commutated current source inverter for synchronous machines. In this situation, the Silcovert S provides high availability. The softstart of the motor reduces the stress on the line and guarantees longer equipment lifetime.


Applications: Silcovert S is commonly used as a starter on turbogas pumping station units using large synchronous machines. In these cases, the Electric Generator acts as the gas turbine starter.

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