BladeVision Analytics


Cloud-based system for complete reporting and analysis of wind turbine operation.



Our Nidec’s SSB BladeVision product enables instant and complete wind field measurement and thus the generation of much more precise power curves. Based on the information about the complete wind field conditions, not only the wind speed but especially factors such as wind shear, turbulence level and wind rotation at the time of power generation are determined. This allows the measured power to be divided into categories according to the factors mentioned, and each categorized wind field condition to be represented in power curves. The result is a unique power curve based on 15-second data, which much better describes the current efficiency of the turbine.

Nidec’s SSB BladeVision Analytics is an optimal complement based on a cloud-based system for complete reporting and analysis of wind turbine operations.

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  • The large amount of data from each turbine is accessible through the Nidec’s SSB BladeVision Analytics cloud-based system
  • Automatic daily downloads using LTE or Ethernet communication
  • Store, and recollect, historic data in the cloud. Create and save a detailed record of the 20-year life of each turbine, and your wind-park investment, for analysis at any time
  • Built your own analysis tools, using the user-definable dashpot programming system
  • Multi-level access for security and control, data encryption from turbine to cloud provides confidentiality and secrecy

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