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The sensor for the digital age: Nidec’s SSB BladeVision – Smart Control for wind turbines    



Wind is complex. It doesn’t just blow from the front or the side. To describe the wind feeding a wind turbine, at least seven quantities are needed: speed, direction, vertical shear, horizontal shear, veer, vertical velocity, and turbulence level. Knowledge of these quantities helps maximize turbine performance, and life. It also helps explain why some neighboring turbines perform differently. Actual sensor systems are rarely capable of meeting this challenge. However, our most advanced sensor has been designed to do exactly that: Nidec’s SSB BladeVision doesn’t just measure wind speed and direction: It provides a complete wind-field description over the swept area of the blades. This completeness provides operators with important data about wind factors affecting the performance of different types of WTGs in their wind park.



Nidec’s SSB BladeVision is a full measurement system which provides a complete wind-field description over the swept area of the wind turbine blades.


  • Maximize the performance
  • Increase your AEP up to +6%
  • Extent your Turbine-Lifetime
  • Very precise blade loads
  • Easy connectable with Nidec’s SSB pitch system

Technical Details

  • Fast multi-point blade deformation sensing (40Hz)
  • Very high motion resolution
    • 400 micro-meters at 24 meters distance
    • 0.005 deg in torsional angle
  • Full 3-axis accelerometers and gyroscopes per camera
  • Raw signals include:
    • blade displacements & torsion
    • blade-root loads & stiffness
    • rotor position & rotor speed
    • absolute pitch angle (between blade-chord and rotor-plane)
    • air pressure & temperature
  • Independent of tower height, turbine location, and field complexity
  • Complete wind field reconstruction at the rotor plane, signals reported once per second, with a 15 sec rolling average :
    • Wind speed & direction
    • Wind vertical shear & horizontal shear
    • Wind veer & turbulence level
  • Robust measurements in all weather conditions

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