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Reliable, efficient medium and large power DC converters

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Nidec Industrial Solutions has over 30 years of consolidated experience in the field of medium and large power AC/DC converters used primarily for DC Arc Furnaces as well as in the Zinc and Titanium markets. For these applications our SilcoMax Large, high current rectifier (up to 80kA), normally in a two-bridge parallel configuration, is widely used and has a strong reputation for reliability.
Nidec Industrial Solutions can provide integrated current and electrode control through his ARTICS platform.
The knowhow and experience of the SilcoMAX Large system was the backbone in the development of Nided Industrial Solutions’s systems for the electrochemical industry – the SilcoMax Light specifically tailored to meet the electrochemical and electrowinning industry’s special requirements in terms of reliability, efficiency and redundancy.
SilcoMax Light is a three phase bridge AC/DC rectifier resulting in a 6 pulse reaction.

Silcomax Current rating (six pulses):

> Silcomax Light up to 25 kA
> Silcomax Large up to 80 kA

Silcomax Voltage:

> Silcomax Light up to 1000 V
> Silcomax Large up to 1200 V

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