Medium Voltage STATCOM – Silcovar H

Power Quality Systems

Dynamic reactive power compensation for grid stability and flicker mitigation



Silcovar H medium voltage STATCOM offers the best shunt dynamic reactive power compensation for improving transmission grid-voltage regulation, power factor/harmonic compensation, and flicker mitigation.

In electrical power transmission, fast dynamic reactive shunt compensators can significantly enhance the power transmission capability of the power system. Specifically, the voltage regulation at particular intermediate points limits voltage variations, prevents voltage instability (voltage collapse), and increases transient stability limits, whereas appropriate variations of voltage can further enhance transient stability providing effective power oscillation damping (dynamic stability).

In addition, for heavy industries such as Melt Shop with Electrical Arc Furnace, the fast dynamic reactive shunt compensator allows the operator to mitigate load unbalancing during the melting phase, increase active power transfer to the EAF and reduce the flicker effect to its minimum value.

The Silcovar H is Nided Industrial Solutions’s state-of-the-art STATCOM solution using Modular Multilevel Converters (MMC) based on standard H-Bridge Power Module and Voltage Source Converter. This modular solution of the “basic power module” offers interesting benefits from a technical, economical and industrial point of view.

The complete system can be configured using any number of power modules to satisfy any voltage and power requirement. The modularity of the system allows for back-up operation by simply adding redundant power modules.

Moreover, the system has a multilevel waveform based on interleaved PWM and staircase modulation characterized by very low harmonic distortion even with low switching frequency: switching losses are reduced and no filters are needed on the a.c. side.

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