Silcovert TH

Medium & High Voltage Drives

The broadest, most reliable range of PWM drives in the market today

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The Silcovert TH is the ideal variable speed drive solution for retrofitting to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact. It is a multi-level variable speed drive with IGBT power devices and a more efficient and precise control for induction and synchronous motors. The PWM technique with high switching frequency allows an almost sinusoidal motor current with low total losses and very low torque. Its water cooling method permits to achieve high output power ranges. Our TH series variable speed drives are compatible with existing motor systems, regardless of brand or age. With our customized retrofit customers can achieve increased levels of safety, reliability and efficiency.

Series 7000

  • Power range:
    Air cooling: up to 8900 KVA
    Water cooling: up to 21200 KVA
  • Voltage: 2400 to 7200 V
  • Output Frequency: up to 250 Hz -Up to 330 Hz with derating

Series 14000

  • Power range: Water cooling: up to 100 MVA
  • Voltage: 6600 to 13800 V
  • Output Frequency: up to 250 Hz -Up to 330 Hz with derating

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