Silcovert S

Medium & High Voltage Drives

Inverter for synchronous machines

silcovert s


Hundreds of installations and more than 30 years of field-proven experience demonstrate the Silcovert S Variable Frequency Drive’s reliability and high performance. The S series is a load-commutated current source inverter (LCI) for synchronous motors and provides speed regularity, monitoring and braking torque regulation, V/Hz law shaping. It has a rugged, compact design, is highly efficient and reliable and can be used as a Variable Frequency Drive and also as a softstarter.

Silcovert S

  • Power range: up to 75 MW
  • Voltage:
    Air cooling: up to 6600 V
    Water cooling: up to 10000 V
  • Output Frequency: 5 – 95 Hz

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