Silcovert N

Medium & High Voltage Drives

Variable frequency drive solution: efficiency and performance

silcovert gn


The Silcovert N Series (TN/GN) is the ideal solution for regenerative operation and high-demanding performance. Using proven IGBT/IGCT technology our variable frequency drives are custom engineered to provide outstanding static and dynamic performance with a high level of efficiency across the driven equipment’s entire operating range. Fully regenerative operation (with AFE – Active Front End – option) provides bi-directional power flow at near unity power factor from zero to full speed eliminating the need for costly VAR compensation systems. This is particularly useful when the drive is used for continuous power generation.

Silcovert TN

The Silcovert TN is a Neutral Point Clamped voltage source Drive with IGBT power devices and digital control for high performance variable speed drive of induction motors. This configuration optimizes the overall power balance for multiple motor systems.

Applications: extruders, pumps, fans, mixers, compressors, metals applications, propellers and thrusters for marine applications and wind generators.

  • Power range:
    Air cooling: 1300/10400 KVA
    Water cooling: up to 21600 KVA
  • Voltage: up to 3300 V
  • Output Frequency: 5 – 70 Hz (normal), 5-140 Hz (extended)

Silcovert GN

The Silcovert GN is a Neutral Point Clamped voltage source Drive with IGCT power devices and fields-oriented control technology for synchronous and induction motors. It is suitable for a common DC bus configuration with reduced overall installation costs and optimized power balance of the multiple motor system.

Applications: hot rolling mills for flat and long products, cold rolling mills, iron and steel applications, and marine propulsion.

  • Power range: 9000-24000 KVA (higher power on request)
  • Voltage: up to 3300 V
  • Output Frequency: 10 – 65 Hz (normal), 10-100 Hz (extended)

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