Silcovert FH

Medium & High Voltage Drives

Active Front End Transformer-less Inverter
3.3 kV – 6.6 kV up to 2.5 MW



Nidec has more than forty years experience in designing and manufacturing of inverters and power quality solutions. The new SVFH series are AFE, high efficiency, direct-to-line connection (transformerless) VFDs with very low grid harmonics, 30% more compact and 60% less bulky when compared with VFDs with transformer, very simple to integrate in a system, easy and fast to commission, with 4 quadrants operation capability to enable regenerative breaking of the motor load, regeneration and power factor correction.

Key benefits of transformerless 4Q

  • Unity power factor on grid side
  • Low input harmonics
  • Inherent braking capability to quickly slow down high inertia loads without breaking resistors
  • Inherent ability to recover energy by transmitting power back to grid
  • Fast installation: 3 cables in, 3 cables out
  • Small footprint
  • High efficiency, low operating costs
  • Standard power modules for AFE and Motor converters: easy maintainability
  • Well-proven technology IGBTs: high reliability
  • Easy maintainability + high reliability = excellent availability: 99.5%

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