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A pitch system monitors and controls the angle of attack of the rotor blades and thus controls the speed of the rotor. Furthermore it is the main brake of a wind turbine. The pitch drive is the main part of a pitch system as it takes over the control of it. Nidec’s SSB is designing and producing high performance AC, DC & Servo drives for more than 25 years with a specificity of very high level of reliability and safety. Due to this Nidec’s SSB can also ensure spare part availability of more than 20 years.


Integrated functions

  • DC link charging
  • Control/monitoring of motor brake
  • 24VDC power supply – 12A
  • Backup charger
  • Mains voltage monitor
  • Backup voltage monitor
  • Motor temperature monitoring
  • Temperature control of switch cabinet
  • Direct 24V contactor control


  • Plant reliability
  • More synergy effects (scalable platform)
  • Enhanced condition monitoring (improved diagnostics and serviceability)
  • Greater proportion of fully automated tests
  • Battery Lifecycle Management
  • Increased plant efficiency through integration of Nidec’s SSB BladeVision blade sensor technology
  • Possibility to integrate blade sensors

Technical Details

  • Operation temperature range: -30°C .. +60°C
  • Suitable for environmental conditions with shock and vibration acc. 3M3 (EN60721-3-3)
    • AC-asynchronous motors
    • DC motors
    • AC-PMSM motors
  • Backup nominal voltage: 216V to 408V DC
  • Digital IN-/Output:
    • 9x DI configurable
    • 8x DO configurable
    • 1x High current output for 24VDC motor brake
  • Analogue In-/Output:
    • 5x Pt100
    • 1x PTC or KTY
    • 1x 0 .. 20mA
  • Interfaces for diagnoses/service:
    • 1x USB
    • 1x Interface for manual control unit / Bluetooth dingle + smartphone app

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