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Nidec and NW join forces aiming to deploy 2.5 GWh of storage capacity in France by 2028

2021-06-10-Sites NW Groupe-18

With the ambition to take concrete action in favor of the energy transition, Nidec, a global leader in stationary energy storage systems, and NW, the first French unicorn in the energy transition, are joining forces to deploy 2.5GWh of storage capacity in France by 2028.

A collaboration in favor of the development of renewable energies began in 2018 between two solid experts in the storage sector. Specializing in the supply of customized electrical systems that improve energy efficiency, Nidec draws on more than fifty years of experience, while NW is the French leader in electricity storage, with more than 500 MW installed.

Today, Nidec is joining forces with NW to deploy 2.5 GWh of storage capacity in France over the next four years. With the growth of renewable energies, which are by their very nature intermittent, the power grid needs greater flexibility. Electricity storage meets this need.

Many JBox distributed electricity storage units will be installed throughout the country. Developed by NW since 2018, the JBox is a solution based on lithium-ion battery technology. It takes the form of a plug-and-play container, assembled at Nidec’s Saint-Etienne plant. These electricity storage units provide system services for the power grid. The first in-service deployments are planned for June, so that these units can participate in the secondary reserve market, which opens on that date.

“We are delighted to be continuing our collaboration with Nidec, our long-standing partner. These new projects mark an important step in the development of our storage units in France. Nidec, with its commitment to energy efficiency, shares NW’s vision: to offer innovative technological solutions that make the energy transition accessible to all,” says Jean-Christophe Kerdelhué, Chairman and Founder of NW.

“We are excited to collaborate with NW on this new project, which combines the know-how and historical expertise of our two companies. With its innovative decarbonization solutions applied to various fields, Nidec is positioned as a leader in the energy transition, both in France and worldwide. We are currently engaged in major investments in France to significantly increase our production capacity and meet growing demand”, adds Dominique Llonch, CEO of Nidec ASI and Chairman of Nidec Industrial Solutions.