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Nidec Industrial Solutions evolves into a new dimension: Nidec Conversion


A transformation that strengthens the role as a global leader in Power Conversion solutions serving energy, mobility and the planet

Nidec Industrial Solutions transforms and evolves into a new dimension: Nidec Conversion – Powering sustainable energy solutions.

A new brand to keep the world moving and continue to energize positive global changes. Nidec Conversion was born to strengthen Nidec’s role as a global leader in Power Conversion solutions through the development of advanced technologies to answer today’s demand for energy, sustainably serving the mobility market and the planet.

Nidec Conversion is thus the identity chosen to accompany this broad path of renewal that moves in the “One Nidec” direction strongly supported by the Japanese Group.

Nidec Conversion will continue to operate under the banner of innovation and efficiency on a global scale through a new unified approach, offering a broader range of solutions and services, while maintaining all current working relationships with employees, suppliers, partners and customers unchanged.

“We are thrilled to be able to announce the birth of Nidec Conversion. We have grown significantly in recent years, and this evolution allows us to unify and amplify values and skills that have driven the success of our division to date” – commented Dominique Llonch, President of Nidec Conversion, adding: “Thanks to this organizational renewal process, we will continue to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to our customers, consolidating our goal of supporting them in their ongoing energy transformation journey.”