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Nidec ASI to install its Ultra Fast Charger – designed to charge new generation e-vehicles – a new milestone in promoting more sustainable mobility


This innovative system developed from a green perspective by Nidec ASI can also charge cars fitted with the most modern batteries in less than 15 minutes, guaranteeing excellent performance, while minimizing the impact on the grid.

Milan, June 10, 2021—Nidec ASI, multinational leader in the Industrial Solutions sector of the Nidec Group—a group committed to bolstering the world of transport and logistics focused on greater sustainability—will install an Ultra Fast Charger (UFC) station in the ROA Group service area on Telesina state highway 372 (Benevento). The installation of this cutting-edge charging system (totally unique thanks to its highly advanced characteristics) represents an important step forward towards progressively widespread electric mobility in Italy, an aspect which is pivotal in promoting an increasingly sustainable model of development and tourism. Nidec ASI’s total commitment to this mission is also seen in the on-going evolutionary process within the Group itself, including renewing the company fleet, making it 100% electric, and installing two UFCs at its Milan and Montebello offices for its own use.

The Ultra Fast Charger, thanks to its efficient and modular technology, will help lay the foundations for the spread of e-vehicles, helping to make the vision of a green and sustainable future dominated by “all electric” technologies a reality. This vision is also reflected in the priorities of the Recovery Plan which focuses on developing green infrastructure as an essential prerequisite for making mobility more sustainable. The advanced Nidec ASI system will also allow vehicles fitted with the latest generation of batteries to take advantage of ultra-fast charging.

This innovative solution developed by the Group minimizes the impact of charging points on the  national grid, simplifying and accelerating the electrification process of infrastructure for charging electric cars. The UFC is a highly-efficient solution, able to respond to the increased energy demand from charging points and the need to maintain maximum electrical grid stability. In fact, it makes it possible to charge cars, buses and commercial vehicles without drawing electricity directly from the grid, thus avoiding power peaks and resulting blackouts. The new Ultra Fast Charger incorporates battery energy storage that works as a “buffer” between the electrical grid and the charging point.

It is the most advanced example of a new generation of ultra fast chargers, which can be connected to LV or MV grids and which, against an energy requirement of only 50 kW, can supply up to 320 kW of power to a vehicle. Thanks to this innovative system, the batteries of new-generation cars can be rapidly charged to 80% of their capacity in less than 15 minutes. Vehicles may be charged in parallel or in series and its compact size means it can provide a widespread distribution network to meet the needs of electric car market players.

Specifically, Nidec ASI will provide the ROA Group with a Powersafe 1.0 with two 79kWh battery packs equipped with a charging point with two 160kW outlets and 2 certified meters. The system will also be powered by an existing PV system so that it can use 100% green energy and reduce impact on the grid to a minimum. This solution will help the ROA Group to maximize earnings and achieve rapid ROI, ensuring a source of revenue from both electric vehicles charging and from the supply of electricity to the national grid. In fact, thanks to the Powersafe’s B2G (Battery-To-Grid) function it will also be possible, if required, to use some of the energy stored in the Powersafe for the service station’s power consumption.

“We are really proud of this order which demonstrates how much attention is being paid to sustainability and the evolution of mobility throughout Italy as it moves towards a new paradigm that will lead to the widespread diffusion of e-vehicles. Awareness has grown considerably following the pandemic which has made us realize that reducing pollution and our impact on the environment is possible. As Nidec ASI, we strongly believe that supporting e-mobility is crucial for the transition towards a sustainable development model in which renewable energy and zero-emission technologies will play a central role. We believe that our new Ultra Fast Charger, created by leveraging our knowledge of microgrids, energy storage and power quality, will give a strong boost to creating an efficient and cutting-edge charging infrastructure, said Dominique Llonch, CEO of Nidec ASI and Chairman of Nidec Industrial Solutions.I am particularly pleased that the ROA Group has chosen our know-how and our solution to create the first installation for the fast charging of next generation vehicles in Italy. In fact, carrying out these projects requires a partner who has the necessary experience to create industrial products built to last. We hope that the positive example set by ROA, which is one step ahead of many energy giants, will inspire other major companies in the sector here in Italy to help revolutionize mobility as we know it today.”

“Ever since we started the service area renovation project, our idea was to revive the pleasure of traveling along what is historically a very important artery road that provides a rapid connection between central and northern Italy to Apulia, Basilicata and region of Molise and its capital, Campobasso,” declared Amedeo and Roberto Onofrio, Shareholder-Owners of the ROA Group. “With the Nidec ASI Ultra Fast Charger we are adding another important piece to our hospitality and services project. What immediately convinced us of the validity of the project is the ‘hybrid’ technology used which, integrated with the 190-kW photovoltaic system we are going to install, will produce 100% green energy and will not need to draw energy from the national grid. This not only avoids power peaks and blackouts, it will also reduce the energy consumption of the structure itself. In addition, this innovative system makes it possible to rapidly charge car batteries to a level of 80% in less than 15 minutes. This is the future of mobility and we are ready to embrace this challenge with an eye on sustainability, the uniqueness of the products and the quality of what is being offered. Any stopover on a journey is part of the journey itself and must be given the same amount of care and attention. This is our Group’s philosophy.”

With numerous projects already in the pipeline and currently under development, the Nidec ASI Ultra Fast Charger is destined to become increasingly common on Italian and European roads and represents a safe and reliable ally in the transport revolution.

The Group is fully-active in the world of mobility, and has also been creating ropeway systems for over forty years with the goal of making them an increasingly-utilized system of public transport, while also supplying systems for charging electric buses and passenger transport via tram/trolley. Nidec ASI also promotes a greener and more sustainable maritime transport with shore-to-ship systems built in Italy, France and Malta that provide an electrical power supply for docked ships, as well as important initiatives such as the supply of storage battery systems for on-board energy for full-electric and hybrid cargo ships, ferries and yachts.