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Electric (brake) pitch systems – known as electrical pitch systems – fulfill a central safety function, as they act as the main braking system and move the rotors to the safe flag position (pitch angle 0°) in the event of technical problems or very high wind speeds (e.g. above 25 m/s) in order to reliably stop the turbine to prevent any damage. Since even the movement of one rotor blade into the vane position leads to a turbine stop, this safety system has a triple redundancy design.


Taking into account the enormous cost pressure in the wind energy industry and the goal of low energy production costs, the latest developments primarily follow the continuing trend towards ever more powerful systems with larger rotor blades. New pitch systems therefore have a higher converter capacity compared to earlier systems, are more compact in design, are also suitable for a wide operating temperature range, and of course meet the increased requirements for certifications in the context of overall wind turbine design.

Electrical Brake Systems
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