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Renewable Energy

  • MULTI CAR Simultaneous charging
    the power supply for Charging of an electric car
    Driving on the road
  • 50 kW power needed from grid
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The future is now: with a strong commitment to green solutions Nidec Industrial Solutions’ Electric Vehicle  Super Charger combines consolidated know-how  in power electronics and power management to achieve ultra-charching capacity. An integrated storage battery allows delivery of up to 400 kW with just 50 kW from the grid for ultra-fast multiple car charging of up to 3 cars simultaneously. The system is designed to be powered by either the grid or renewable energy sources like PV (50-320 kW). This state-of-the-art technology minimizes the impact on the grid. The charger is already set for the next generation of automotive batteries that will provide Electric Vehicles with up to 500 km of autonomy between charges.


3 sizes available:

  • Size 1: 1 string, no batteries, Air cooled – up to 120kW
  • Size 2: 2 strings with batteries, Air or Water cooled – up to 240 kW
  • Size 3: 2 strings with batteries, Air or Water cooled – up to 320 kW

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