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    Eröffnung GBS Duisburg Walsum, Nidec ASI, Steag, Germany, 2016-11-17


Battery Energy Storage Solutions for stable power supply

Nidec has been a pioneer in the supply of Battery Energy Storage solutions for Commercial and Utility scale plants. Acting as a turn-key EPC contractor or as the electrical partner for the complete Balance of System (BoS), from electrical design to installation, we work closely with Leading brand battery manufacturers to offer the most robust solution. Last year Nidec Industrial Solutions installed more than 700 MWh across the globe.

We have more than fifty years of experience in the supply and management of large turn-key projects. Knowing that your project will be delivered on schedule and in budget is value added you can rely on when you choose Nidec Industrial Solutions as your EPC supplier.

Our project management team uses state-of-the-art software to monitor and control every facet of the project to make sure that the project is delivered on-time to our customer’s exact requirements. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and ability to manage costs.

Services include:
Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Grid connection and Commissioning

Eröffnung GBS Duisburg Walsum, Nidec ASI, Steag, Germany, 2016-11-17

Public and private utility companies across the globe are investing in BESS to ensure grid stability and improve electricity supply. Nidec Industrial Solutions works closely with Transmission & Distribution System Operator (TSO&DSO), Regional Transmission Organizations (RTO) and Independent System Operators (ISO). We ensure seamless installation of the system into the existing grid. All Nidec Industrial Solutions solutions comply with local grid codes as well as all pertinent health and safety requirements.

Typically in the range of 20 to 200 kW, Commercial Battery Energy storage solutions are being installed in commercial facilities, government buildings, universities, hospitals, large housing complexes and resorts. We offer solutions for both indoor and outdoor installation for both on- and off-grid needs. Nidec Industrial Solutions’s solutions are safe and highly reliable.

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Independent power producers operating and installing solar and wind farms often turn to Nidec Industrial Solutions for support in the design and installation of their electrical systems.
Nidec Industrial Solutions has the know-how to help customers right-size the plant to meet their needs.
Integrating renewable energy sources and battery energy storage systems, we ensure stable electrical supply.

Nidec Industrial Solutions also provides valuable support in addressing Power Quality issues and defining load profiles for smart-micro grid solutions.

Our engineering strengths in tailoring solutions to customers’ needs make us the ideal choice for retrofitting projects.

Nidec Industrial Solutions offers a unique partnership relationship using a proactive approach to ensure that the overall project is a success.

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The combination of our highly skilled project management team, highly qualified partners and suppliers along with our products, know-how and capabilities allow us to guarantee the most suitable answer for PV utility scale plant needs.

Our team is able to develop services that cover all phases of the life-cycle of a PV plant: as an EPC contractor, we act from feasibility studies to design and installation to testing to ensure the plant is up and running with the agreed time frame. We design and manufacture our own Power Conversion System that converts energy from AC to DC voltage and store it in batteries until it is needed. With many PV utility scale projects delivered worldwide we are a market leader in supplying highly reliable solutions for PV plants.

Our BESS projects around the world