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High-Efficiency Cogeneration
Energy-saving solutions for optimal energy efficiency

Cogeneration is a powerful tool for the implementation of a company’s environmental objectives. Nidec is able to design cogeneration and tri-generation systems, optimizing the use of energy plants in order to achieve maximum performance. Starting from the planning and development stage, we handle the construction, installation, maintenance and eventual revamping. We offer our customers a turn-key solution that covers the entire life-cycle of the plant.


In the industrial sector

Nidec not only supplies tailor-made solutions but also assists in obtaining project financing to facilitate the investment.

The sectors in which Nidec operates are: food & beverage processing, pulp & papermaking, ceramic, chemical, tanning, pharmaceutical, engineering, petrochemical, wood making and textile.

In the public sector

Nidec is able to design high-efficiency cogeneration systems for hospitals, nursing homes and large swimming facilities.

In the commercial sector

Nidec supplies tailor-made solutions for private hospitals, multi-utility and supermarkets, for the food and fruits & vegetables sector and for data centers.