Seamless Pipe & Tube Mills



Electrical and Automation solutions for Seamless Pipe Mills

Automation and control systems: complete customized solutions for pipe and tube mills

Since the mid 1970’s Nidec Conversion has been active in the development and design of electrical and automation solutions for retained mandrel technology in Seamless Pipe Mills. With more than 28 projects worldwide Nidec Conversion has consolidated its leadership position, providing the best skills and experience and state-of-the-art technologies. Nidec Conversion is also experienced and referenced in floating mandrel technology for new and revamping projects.

Nidec Conversion has solutions for:

  • Continuous casters for blooms and billets
  • Reheating furnaces
  • Billet preparation
  • Piercing mill
  • Premium Quality Finishing
  • Elongation mill
  • Plug mill
  • Stretch Reducing Mill
  • Sizing mill
  • Cooling beds
  • Finishing, treatment and test areas
  • Welded tube lines

Seamless Pipe & Tube Mills

Process Controls

ARTICS for Seamless Pipe Mills
Higher reliability and precision in seamless pipes production

Nidec Conversion has developed one of the most advanced control solutions for seamless pipe mills in the world today. We also offer a complete suite of automation and control functions for weld pipe mill lines.
Common features include:

  • Piece and Lot Tracking
  • Piece Management
  • Historical Data Management
  • Alarms and Warning and Entry Messages
  • Level 3 Data Exchange

Technological controls

ARTICS for Seamless Pipe Mills
High-quality technology and increased productivity for seamless pipe

Our technological controls for Seamless Pipe Mills include:

  • Impact speed drop compensation
  • Metal in stand management
  • Load balance
  • Hydraulic Gap Control
  • Speed Master
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