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Hot rolling mills automation and control solutions
Nidec Industrial Solutions, the right partner for hot rolling mills automation and control projects

For more than 50 years Nidec Industrial Solutions has been the supplier of choice, providing electrical and automation turn key projects as well as small technological or electrical revamping projects for hot rolling mills installed worldwide. ARTICS Hot Rolling suite is part of the ARTICS Metals automation system. Thanks to the flexibility and state-of-art technology of the ARTICS platform, this suite contains all of the technological controls and tools necessary to customize the control system around your plant needs.

ARTICS Hot Rolling suite covers:

  • Hot Strip Mills
  • Compact Strip Production Plans (with slabs coming from thin caster)
  • Steckel Mills (one or two stands)
  • Plate mills (one or two stands)

Hot Rolling Mills

Process Controls

ARTICS Hot Rolling Mills
Real time control for Hot Rolling Mills

With more than 50 years of experience, Nidec Industrial Solutions has developed a vast array of functions based on auto-adaptive mathematical models that optimize rolling schedule calculations in real time. Our solutions cover all types of hot strip and plate mills for flat products including: Conventional Hot Strip Mills, Compact Strip Production plants, 1-stand and 2-stand Steckel Mills, 1-stand and 2-stand Plate Mills. Our production and maintenance control system covers every stage of the manufacturing process, offering Level 2 control for roughing stand and edger (including Automatic Width Control), Finishing Mill (including down coilers), Plate Mills and Steckel Mills (including furnace coilers).


Technological controls

ARTICS Hot Rolling
High quality and excellent mechanical properties in Hot Rolling Mills

Our automation and control system contains advanced technological controls that help guarantee maximum quality and output. Key control features include:

  • Width control (dog-bone, natural spread, necking)
  • Thickness control (Hydraulic Gap Control, Automatic Steering Control, Automatic Gauge Control and Monitor)
  • Automatic Flatness Control (including roll thermal crown and wear evaluation and bending control)
  • Roll Eccentricity Control
  • Rectangularity Control
  • Electric and Hydraulic Looper Control (including loop control)
  • Coiling Temperature Control
  • Down Coiler control (tension control, pinch roll control, wrapper roll and jumping control)
  • Hot and cold leveler control
  • Speed Master
  • Shear control (flying, cutting, trimming)
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