Cold Rolling Mills



Automation and Control Solutions for Cold Rolling Mills

Nidec Conversion Packages: real time automation and process control systems to ensure consistent quality

For all types of cold rolling mills, from single stand up to a tandem with pickilng line, Nidec Conversion has developed an electrical and automation solution for your needs. ARTICS Cold Rolling suite contains the most advanced technological functions that have been consolidated and proven in hundreds of projects across the globe, ready to be tailored to your plant to improve your yield and quality. ARTICS Cold Rolling is available for:

  • Single stand cold reversing mills (4hi, 6hi, 8hi, 20hi cluster)
  • Two stands cold reversing mills
  • Tandem mills (coil-to-coil, continuous, with pickling line)

Cold Rolling Mills

Process Controls

ARTICS Cold Rolling
High-quality process models for Cold Rolling Mills

Based on our consolidated experience in more than one hundred projects across the globe, Nidec Conversion has developed a vast array of functions based on auto-adaptive mathematical models that optimize rolling schedule calculations in real time. Our solutions cover all types of cold rolling mills for flat products including: 1-stand and 2-stand Cold reversing Mills, 4-high, 6-high, 8-high and 20-high Cluster and Sendzimir Mills, Continuous, Coupled to Pickling Lines and coil-to-coil Tandem Mills, 1-stand and 2-stand Temper Mills.

Our production and maintenance control system covers every stage of the manufacturing process, offering Level 2 control for Coil-to-Coil tandem mills (including threading and low speed setup), Continuous and coupled to pickling line tandem mills (including flying setup change), double and single stand reversing mills and temper mills (single and twin stand).

Basic functions include:

  • Piece tracking and slab/coil yard management
  • Piece management (rolling programs, PDI, …)
  • Historical data management (data collection, reporting system, quality management system)
  • System reliability care (cold and hot backup, …)

Level 3 interface

Additional functions include:

  • Shape setup
  • Technological control sensitivity coefficients

Technological controls

ARTICS Cold Rolling
Technological controls for increased productivity in Cold Rolling Mills

Our automation and control system contains advanced technological controls that help to guarantee maximum quality and output. Key control features include:

  • Strip Transportation
  • Stand Main Hydraulic Controls
  • Thickness and Tension Control
  • Strip Breakage Management
  • Roll Eccentricity Compensation
  • Automatic Flatness Control
  • Defect Tracking
  • Setup Management and Tracking
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