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Green solutions for shore-to-ship power links

Nidec Industrial Solutions has long been committed to the development of technologies to create and improve shore-to-ship power links. The transfer of power has to be done with the maximum care, allowing the two power sources to synchronize and the on board machinery to respond without the slightest disruption to onboard services.

In some countries 50/60Hz conversion is necessary as most of the ships (especially passengers ships) have a 60Hz distribution system.

Our shore-to-ship solutions with either rotating or static frequency converter systems are green solutions that permit the use of alternative power systems allowing energy to be supplied from the wharf so that on-board diesel generators can be turned off in the harbour area.

Our shore-to-ship solutions eliminate the production of greenhouse gases while in port, as well as reduce noise emissions and contribute to savings on fuel costs.

Our scope of supply includes the complete electric system: conversion groups, excitation systems, starting devices, power electronics, control and supervision systems.

Cargo cranes in the dock of Industrial Port on sunrise