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Electrical packages for power generation

Nidec Industrial Solutions can trace its heritage in marine applications back more  than a century to our work with Ansaldo, which had just entered the ship-building market. Today, our electrical systems are installed across the globe, helping to operate everything from cruise liners and transport ships, to scientific and offshore work boats.

We supply complete electrical packages for power generation, including main switchboards with integrated power management, propulsion and auxiliary power distribution transformers. We have the flexibility to respond quickly to the increasingly sophisticated and demanding requirements of today’s marine vessels.


Shaft Generators
Shaft Generators for diesel or turbine-driven ship propulsion

Variable speed shaft generators were designed and engineered by Nidec Industrial Solutions for use with conventional diesel or turbine-driven ship propulsion. The system feeds the network at rated voltage, frequency and power within the propeller’s required speed range.

Able to operate in single or in parallel with the ship’s diesel generators, the active and reactive load is managed by the ship’s Power Management System (PMS). The shaft generator system provides reactive power without the need for a synchronous compensator.

This solution provides significant savings in capital equipment investment and reduces fuel consumption for the life of the ship.

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