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Electric Propulsion Systems
Custom solutions for marine power generation

Nidec Industrial Solutions is one of the world’s leading suppliers of custom electric propulsion and on-board generation solutions.

Our engineering capabilities allow us to design electric power generation and propulsion systems to meet ship designers’ space, noise and performance specifications. Thanks to their compact size and ease of installation, our components and solutions offer considerable design flexibility.

The deep project management expertise we bring to every project helps to ensure on-budget, on-time delivery.

We have designed and commissioned many custom hybrid-propulsion systems for offshore work boats and harbor ferries. We deliver solutions with efficient and reliable life-cycle performance.


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Electric Propulsion System


Ruggedly built for hard environments



Modular design for every purpose, plus in-depth system integration know-how



Turn-key or full electrical systems fully supported from 9 manufacturing sites



Tailor made design for cost effective solutions



Our 18 service centers are ready to provide 24/7 service and remote monitoring globally



Efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions for marine power generation

Today, Nidec Industrial Solutions is one the world’s leading suppliers of custom solutions for marine propulsion systems. Our capabilities and on-going innovation allow us to design solutions to specifically fit our customers’ requirements.

Having already extensively designed and commissioned tailor-made solutions for off-shore workboats, as well as harbour ferries with hybrid propulsion systems, our engineering experience ensures efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Nidec Industrial Solutions supplies solutions for power generation down to auxiliary power distribution and propulsion transformers.

We offer revamping and upgrades of thruster systems: our engineers can tailor a solution to your specific requirements with an end-to-end project solution that covers the entire process, providing complete electrical package.


LV Propulsion Systems

Customized LV Propulsion Systems for Marine industry

The use of LV Propulsion Systems on mega yachts and other types of vessels is growing steadily. We can supply complete electric propulsion for traditional diesel-electric systems and hybrid solutions incorporating battery packs that allow the ship to operate in “zero emission mode”.

Our turn-key propulsion system includes the transformers, variable speed drives, power management system, power limit system, alarm monitoring & control.


MV Propulsion Systems

Customized MV Propulsion Systems for shipbuilding

Diesel-electric propulsion on cruise ships is already widely used offering better performance in terms of noise and space requirements, improving passenger experience on-board.

This solution is now becoming increasingly more popular on other types of vessels including work boats, FPSO and other special application ships because it offers lower maintenance costs and reduced space requirements. Our 4-quadrant variable speed drives are built with special design features to handle vibrations, pitching and rolling.

The electronic cards undergo a tropicalization process to protect against the saline atmosphere at sea and our control racks and auxiliary components are subject to in-house testing in a climatic chamber to demonstrate their ability to resist abrasive climates.


DC Propulsion Systems

Customized DC Propulsion Systems for vessels and ferries

DC Propulsion systems offer extremely reliable, low-noise performance in all kinds of waters. They are widely used on research vessels and passenger ferries.

With mechanical features specifically designed to absorb shock, the system is supplied on a base plate as an integral piece that is easy to install. Access for inspection and maintenance of the components is simple.