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Automation, system integration and diagnostics for port & shipyard crane applications

State of the art systems to improve crane performance

Nidec provides our port & shipyard customers with the most flexible, technologically advanced control systems in the industry. Whether you want to extend the life of your existing crane or purchase a new crane, Nidec has the products and system expertise to meet your needs.
Nidec’s Crane Team has successfully implemented systems on all types of cranes including Ship-to-Shore, Quay, Panamax, Post Panamax, Rubber Tire Gantry (RTG), Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG), Portal and Whirly cranes.

Crane System Upgrades to Extend the Life of Your Crane
Nidec offers a complete line of products and services designed specifically for upgrading outdated control systems on existing cranes. Our products are designed with the flexibility to be integrated on all types of cranes and existing control systems.

New Crane Systems to Fit Your Needs
Nidec’s Crane Team has successfully designed and applied new crane control systems for our port & shipyard customers. Whether it is an Active Front End AC system for a container crane or stand-alone AC drives for a whirly crane, Nidec’s Crane Team has the experience you desire.

Products, Service and Support You Can Count On
Nidec’s service and support team is made up of individuals with port & shipyard crane experience. Our experienced staff is trained in all aspects of the control system and its application on a crane. This ensures our customers that their systems are applied properly and safely. Our 24/7/365 support line is manned by these service personnel to ensure our customers have the support they need any time of the year.


Port & Shipyard Technologies


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Rubber Tire Gantry and Rail Mounted Gantry

AC and DC drive system upgrades for RTG and RMG cranes

Highly efficient products for existing and new cranes

Rubber Tire Gantry and Rail Mounted Gantry cranes are critical to the flow of containers within a port. Once containers are offloaded, these cranes are critical to movement of cargo within and out of the port. Nidec provides a full range of products and services that can keep your existing cranes rolling or power your new ones.

Upgrade your existing AC and DC Drive Systems with Confidence
Nidec’s AC and DC drive systems are designed to work on diesel and electric powered cranes. Our product line includes stand-alone AC, common-bus AC and DC drive platforms to suit any kind of situation. Nidec will replace your outdated controls with state-of-the-art products that will be supported and serviced for years to come.

  • Modern AC and DC drives that will provide years of service and support allowing our customers to focus on moving cargo
  • A company with years of experience with every manufacturer of RTG and RMG cranes ensures you get a system that works reliably
  • Flexibility in PLC and HMI platforms allows Nidec to tailor fit systems to each customer’s needs while utilizing the customer’s existing spare parts and knowledge base
Smart RTG crane loading cargo container to container truck in th

Ship to Shore Cranes

Upgrade obsolete ship to shore crane controls
Durable and reliable solutions for crane control equipment

Nidec has provided safe and reliable systems for cranes manufactured by Kone, Paceco, IMPSA, Kochs, Hanjin, Hitachi, Star, Doosan and ZPMC. Our systems have provided thousands of hours of reliable service and have extended the working lives of cranes all over the world. Nidec systems have also been installed on the newest cranes manufactured, carrying on the Nidec tradition of safe and reliable service.

Upgrades of Existing Systems to Eliminate Obsolescence
One of the largest challenges ports face today is the obsolescence of control equipment on their cranes. Most manufacturers of control equipment obsolete their products every three to five years. With an expected service life on a crane at 20-30 years or more, ports are left with increased maintenance costs and downtime.
Nidec retrofit solutions help container crane users:

  • Eliminate downtime due to obsolescence
  • Upgrade with hardware that will be supported for many years
  • Replace outdated I/O systems with modern ones already in use at the port
  • Add enhanced diagnostics to reduce troubleshooting time on cranes

New Crane Solutions

Modern container cranes utilize AC drive technology for control of the crane. Nidec can provide both stand-alone and common-bus AC systems to power your cranes. Common bus systems include both Active Front End as well as DB control.

Nidec’s AC systems provide our customers with the following benefits:

  • Proven equipment to ensure our customers’ cranes run reliably
  • Active front end systems that provide unity power factor at the source
  • Standard protocols to ensure that the system can be maintained and expanded
  • Flexibility of Programmable Logic Controller platforms to utilize customer’s existing knowledge base and spare parts
  • Advanced diagnostic systems to reduce troubleshooting and downtime

Nidec’s Crane Team is staffed with some of the most experienced engineers in the industry. Our staff can work with most major brands of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) as well as HMI and control stations. Nidec has a full suite of automation products that can help increase crane performance and productivity.

  • Open and closed loop sway control
  • Semi-automation
  • Boom anti-collision
  • Crane anti-collision
  • Ship profiling
Aerial view of container loading in a cargo freight ship with cr

Mobile Harbor Cranes

Nidec solutions to keep your mobility intact
State of the art systems to increase crane productivity

Nidec can eliminate your obsolete system components and drives with state-of-the-art systems to keep your mobile harbor crane in top working order. Nidec’s systems stand up to the test of time and keep your crane operational for years to come. Nidec can update your Gottwald crane with state-of-the art controls to extend its service life and reduce maintenance and service costs.

Replace those obsolete drives with ones you can trust!
Mobile Harbor cranes are supplied with drives that typically do not have a long life expectancy. Since Nidec introduced its DC drive platform, our competitors have proceeded with new designs with little to no backward compatibility. Nidec drives are designed to provide years of service life and be capable of future upgrades.

  • Install a drive that is well supported to ensure your crane operates for ten or more years
  • Upgrade to drives with the most advanced diagnostics to reduce troubleshooting time
  • Drive hardware that is built for crane applications ensures our customers maximum crane uptime due to the drive system
  • Prebuilt panels fit right where existing drives are located, reducing downtime needed to convert the system
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