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Products, Service and Support for overhead and industrial cranes

Versatile, flexible and effective solutions that power your crane

Nidec provides a complete line of control and automation products for overhead and industrial cranes. We pride ourselves on offering the most flexible and modern solutions for controlling our customers’ cranes. From a simple AC inverter to a fully automated material handling crane, Nidec has all the tools to empower your crane.

OEM Solutions
Nidec offers a wide variety of products and services to fit our OEM customers’ needs. Loose AC and DC drives, standard panels and custom solutions give Nidec’s Crane Team a complete and flexible product line. Our experienced staff of engineers and service personnel will ensure that your system is well designed and supported. Nidec service and parts are available 24/7/365.

Retrofit Solutions to Extend a Crane’s Service Life
Nidec’s AC and DC product line is well suited for almost any type of crane manufacturer and style of crane. Nidec has the unique ability to tailor fit our products and systems to our customers’ needs. Our experience with all types of cranes allows Nidec to provide safe and reliable products that will be supported for the rest of your crane’s life.

Automation Systems to Increase a Crane’s Productivity and Throughput
Nidec’s experienced staff of engineers brings decades of experience in crane automation and control. Whether it’s building virtual safety barriers around equipment or fully automating a crane’s operation, our engineering staff has the solution. Nidec’s experience in heavy industry systems allows us to bring multiple types of PLC and HMI solutions to our customers. This experience also allows Nidec to provide systems that stand up to the test of time.

Industrial & Specialty Cranes


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Overhead Crane Controls

Advanced technological controls for overhead crane applications

Safe and reliable platform for all types of overhead cranes

Nidec has provided safe and reliable control systems to most of the major OEMs in North America. Our dedicated staff and products provide a flexible and reliable platform for all types of overhead cranes. Whether your crane is designed to CMAA or AIST specifications, Nidec has the products and services to meet your needs.

AC and DC Drives
As technology evolves, both crane manufacturers and users must keep their cranes operating safely and reliably. This requires products that are designed and set-up specifically for overhead crane applications. Coordination between the brake, AC or DC drive and the control system are all essential to safe operation. Nidec has designed AC and DC drive products specifically for operation of overhead cranes. Our products offer our customers the following benefits:

  • Dedicated crane firmware with features that ensure our customers’ cranes work safely and reliably
  • AC drives with built-in brake choppers up to 1000HP that reduce crane panel size and the need for additional spare parts
  • AC drive wizard helps the user apply and start-up the drives in fifteen minutes or less
  • AC and DC drives with flexible communication networks allow systems to be upgraded with automation and diagnostics.
The crane pours the remaining slag into the slag transport tank.

Hot Metal Crane Controls

AC and DC drive systems for the handling of hot metal

State of the art controls for improved reliability and safety

Nidec has the largest AC drives on hot metal cranes in North America. Our experienced staff of engineers has provided both AC and DC solutions for the handling of hot metal. If your crane can lift it, we can control it!

AC Systems
Nidec AC drive systems offer our customers the most integrated designs available. Nidec stand-alone AC drives have built-in brake chopper units up to 1000HP to ensure our systems occupy the least amount of room possible and provide the most reliable operation. Our common-bus AC systems can provide regenerative power capability and power factor correction.

  • Stand-alone drive up to 1000HP with integrated DB units reduces panel and electrical room size and space
  • Common bus systems with Active Front Ends provide regenerative capabilities and power factor correction
  • Engineered drive and motor pairs reduce the number of motors required on the hoist and thereby reduce the number of potential mechanical failures possible

DC Drive Systems
Most new cranes utilize AC drive technology but DC is still very prevalent in mills all over the world. Nidec’s ADDvantage-32 DC drive platform offers the most safe and reliable DC drive available for hot metal crane needs. Built-in diagnostics and plain English parameter and fault codes make it the choice for hot metal applications.

  • Proven technology ensures our customers receive a safe and reliable system
  • Single hoist and master-slave arrangements fit all types of hot metal crane applications
  • Built-in crane firmware ensures proper coordination of the drives and brakes to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Turbine and Lift Gate Crane Controls

Upgrade for turbine and lift gate crane controls

Proven AC and DC drive technology to ensure extended service life and value

Nidec has provided systems for power house and dam applications. Our rugged products stand the test of time and offer our customers extended service life and value. Nidec has provided numerous projects to the US Army Corp and US Navy.

Proven AC and DC Drive Systems
When our customers upgrade their cranes, the expectation is for the equipment to be supported for several years. Nidec has a proven record of extending the life of its drive product line, which ensures customers that the upgrade they purchase today will last well into the next decade. Our systems provide:

  • Proven AC and DC drive technology to ensure our customers start-ups that run smoothly and on time
  • Flexible communication platforms with a variety of diagnostic and support options
  • Dedicated crane firmware to ensure safe and reliable operation of the cranes

Single and Dual Hoist Applications
Paramount to the successful utilization of powerhouse cranes is the ability to coordinate dual hook or multiple cranes. Nidec AC and DC drives have built-in coordination software to allow for precise operation of dual hoists or the coordination of two cranes hoisting together. Our direct drive communication link allows drives to communicate with each other, providing a fast and accurate way to coordinate drives and systems.

  • Built-in coordination firmware provides proven software that reduces start-up and implementation costs
  • Coordination software can be set up closed loop to provide very precise crane coordination
  • Proven software ensures our customers a safe and reliable operation and faster start-ups
Pier under the blue sky, cranes and containers.

Intermodal crane control system for moving cargo

Proven systems for intermodal operations that deliver a rapid return safely and reliability

Nidec has provided systems for intermodal applications to assist in the transfer of cargo on land. Our systems allow cranes to move their customers’ cargo in a safe and reliable manner. Nidec’s Crane Team stands ready to provide our customers with the most flexible systems on the market.

Proven AC and DC Drive Systems
Intermodal operations require systems that run safely and reliably. Our AC and DC drive products are designed for rugged use on a crane.

  • Proven AC and DC drive technology ensures our customers that their start-ups run smoothly and on time
  • Flexible communication platforms provide our customers with a variety of diagnostic and support options
  • Dedicated crane firmware ensures safe and reliable operation of the cranes

Sway Control and Semi-Automation
Rail mounted gantry cranes and intermodal cranes are excellent candidates for automation. Automation can increase an existing crane’s productivity or provide a new crane with exceptional performance. Our automation products help our customers increase productivity and performance.

  • Sway control can increase an average operator’s performance, allowing the crane to increase productivity with all users
  • Semi and full automation can increase a crane’s productivity by moving cargo from point A to point B via the shortest distance
  • Flexibility in PLC platforms allows Nidec to integrate systems that are friendly to the customer’s existing spare parts and knowledge base, thereby reducing maintenance costs
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