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  • NEXT GEN READY Protect your investment with a system that’s ready for the future
  • MULTI-CAR Simultaneous charging with no impact on the grid
  • ULTRA FAST CHARGING From 0 to 250 km in less than 15 minutes
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Nidec Industrial Solutions is your reliable partner for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Whether you are looking for a car or heavy-duty vehicle charger, we can provide the right solution for your needs.

Our EV Charging Stations consists of a Power Supply Unit with high charging capacity that can be connected to a LV or MV grid network, starting with power needs from 100 kW. Thanks to its flexible layout and modularity, it can be adapted to different needs including the interface to the MV network and the different solutions for vehicle connection (dispenser with CCS2 or ChaDeMo, Pantograph etc.)

The system can be supplied with an integrated energy storage system, allowing flat and scheduled power to be sourced from the grid, with an energy requirement of 50 kW only

  • The solutions are designed to be powered by either the grid or renewable energy sources like PV
  • Our proprietary Energy Management System optimizes system performance and allows real-time control & diagnostics
  • For bus fleets, trucks and other heavy vehicles, the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure can be coupled with different types of dispensers both for opportunity charging or depot charging
  • For electric cars, the charging system can be equipped with one or more dispensers to create charging parks

We are a global supplier of power electronic equipment, automation technologies and battery energy storage systems. This background allows us to deliver cost-effective EV Charging Infrastructure solutions, minimize cost of installation and reduce  overall operating costs.

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