Smart microgrid for mining village – Case study

  • Project: Smart microgrid for mining village
  • Location: Ollagüe, Chile
  • Application: Smart Microgrid, Power Management System and Energy Storage
Scope of Supply
  • Qty.1 Power Management System (PMS) - ARTICS Smart Energy
  • Qty.1 Air-cooled containerized Power Conversion System (PCS)
Ollagüe, Chile

Ollagüe is a Chilean frontier village located in the Andean altiplano at 3660 meters, bordering with Bolivia.

The goal of the project was to build a hybrid power system with 205 kWp of photovoltaic generation (thin-film PV modules), a wind turbine with a rated power of 30 kW, Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and a diesel generator (already existing), all interconnected through a system of energy management in order to create an isolated microgrid, able to provide continuous energy supply for the Ollagüe village.

The project also includes the installation of two Trinum systems at the Ollagüe school – a concentrated thermodynamic solar system with sun tracking designed to produce electricity and hot water.

The plant will be “stand alone” (not connected to the national grid), including an electrochemical storage system of 520 kWh able to handle all technical requirements of the grid, providing to area inhabitants the availability of electricity 24 hours a day.