Open Cycle Electricity Generation Plants – Case study

  • Project: IPP Peaking Power Generation
  • Location: Dedisa and Avon, South Africa
  • Application: Two Open Cycle Electricity Generation Plants

As a long-time motor and drive supplier to Ansaldo Energia SPA (IT), Nidec Conversion furnished fuel injection pump motors, LCI systems and Excitation systems for two new peak power generation plants in the South African cities of Dedisa and Avon.

Scope of Supply
To deliver a complete electrical supply for two grassroots peak power plants

To improve the reliability of the power grid in South Africa, open cycle gas turbine peak units were to be constructed in Dedisa and Avon that could be ramped up quickly to serve as backup to the existing power supply during times of peak demand and in emergency situations. Electricity generated at the two plants would be fed into the transmission system through the two high voltage substations located adjacent to the facilities.

The 670 MW Avon Facility and the 335 MW Dedisa Facility would be designed to run for short durations totaling approximately 20 hours per week, with provisions for continuous operation for up to 45 hours.

Turnkey power plants with a Nidec Conversion electrical supply

The two Greenfield facilities were to be built using a Build-Own-Operate approach. The owners — Avon Peaking Power (PTY) Ltd. and Dedisa Peaking Power (Pty) Ltd. — awarded a turnkey contract for their engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) to Ansaldo Energia Spa and Fata Spa.

Because the plants would be started and stopped frequently, equipment reliability was critical.

As Ansaldo Energia’s motor and drive vendor for more than 25 years, Nidec Conversion was selected to provide the complete supply for both power stations, including fuel injection pump motors, LCI systems and excitation systems for gas turbine. The solutions included both standard and customer equipment for the plants, both of which were designed with self-start capabilities.