1.6 MW/0.65 MWh BESS Onboard Ship for Eidesvik Offshore, Norway

  • Project: Viking Queen offshore support vessel
  • Location: Norway
  • Application: Onboard energy storage system
Scope of Supply
Viking Queen
To improve the energy efficiency for Eidesvik’s fleet of vessels

Eidesvik Offshore is a Norwegian ship company that specializes in offshore logistics, seismic and underwater operations. With two dozen ships in its fleet, the environmentally sensitive company has a keen interest in finding ways to reduce fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance costs.

For The Viking Queen, one of its offshort support vessels, Eidesvik sought an energy storage solution that would help it achieve these goals.

Retrofit the Viking Queen with an onboard battery energy storage system

A vessel that is equipped with an onboard battery energy story system (BESS) can reduce fuel consumption by creating a more optimal load on a ship’s current motors. A BESS also makes it possible to shut down operation of one of a ship’s engines, resulting in lower
maintenance demand on the machinery. Compact in size, these flexible systems are a good option for vessels that lack room below deck for the addition of a battery room.

With these factors in mind, Eidesvik made the decision to retrofit The Viking Queen with a BESS, making it the first already-operating offshore vessel to benefit from such a system. Provided by Nidec ASI, the 650 kWh, 1600 kW containerized solution was customdesigned to match the vessel’s operating profile.

The use of battery storage reduces the vessel’s fuel consumption approximately 18 percent. The BESS also makes it possible for The Viking Queen to reduce nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 25%, which will result in less  maintenance demand on the machinery. Furthermore, NOx and greenhouse gas (CO2) emission levels is reduced by approximately 25%.