Island resort smart microgrid – Case study

  • Project: Smart Microgrid project - Maldive
  • Location: Gasfinolhu Island, Maldive
  • Application: Smart Microgrid, Power Management System and Energy Storage
Scope of Supply
  • Complete micro grid electrical design and load evaluation
  • Qty.1 Power Management System (PMS) - ARTICS Smart Energy
  • Qty.1 LV Board
  • Qty.1 Water-cooled containerized Power Conversion System (PCS), consisting of: - 1 PCS Converter, composed by two parallel cabins - 1 PCS Controller
Gasfinolhu Island

The micro grid relies on four diesel generators (2.6 megawatts in total) to start energy production. Once the grid reaches 240V/50Hz, the Energy Storage System (ESS) and loads are connected to the grid and ARTICS Smart Energy takes over to manage the overall system.

The diesel generators will be used for emergency mode in case of sudden outage. During normal operation loads are supplied by the micro grid and energy storage system.

Total energy produced by the photovoltaic modules installed on the bungalow rooftops and resort buildings are sufficient for the total energy demand – ARTICS Smart Energy controls the balance of energy and communicates to the PV system and the ESS how to manage the energy each produces:
• In case there is a lack in energy
production, the Energy Storage System
works as a generator, supplying the
necessary energy to the loads,
discharging the batteries.
• In case of excess energy production, the
Energy Storage System works as a load
which uses the excess energy produced
by the PV system to charge the batteries.