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After the success achieved in Europe, Nidec Industrial Solutions aims at the Middle East with its innovative “DirectPower DC” charging station, winning an order from the Israeli company AmisraGreen


A project worth around €1 million which will help support the development of electric mobility outside Europe as well, thanks to a solution that is innovative, modular, compact, reliable, easy-to-use and accessible to all


Milan, 20 December 2022Nidec Industrial Solutions (NIS), part of the Energy & Infrastructure Division of the Nidec Group and one of the Groups committed to promoting a more sustainable mobility, was awarded a contract worth around €1 million for the supply of a total of 44 charging stations of the DirectPower range for recharging electric vehicles to AmisraGreen, a company with a focus on renewables belonging to the Amisragas group, one of the main gas and energy distributors in Israel. The supply includes the new version of DirectPower DC, presented last October in Berlin with a restyling that aims to improve accessibility but also the ROI of the operators thanks to the addition of features such as an optional maxi-screen which allows the promotion of products. The NIS solution can reach 360-kW Ultra-Fast power and will contribute to spreading electric mobility all over the world.

AmisraGreen appreciated the benefits that this solution can offer managers, such as connectivity, real time response, ease of installation and maintenance and remote diagnostics, compactness, sophisticated design and, above all, modularity, since it is possible to expand the recharging power of the NIS solution without having to modify it. Specifically, NIS has signed two orders with AmisraGreen for the supply of 44 units which will be delivered between May and June 2023, partly to be installed in recharging areas owned by the group, and partly delivered to its clients operating in Israel. This result confirms the group’s strategy which aims at a progressive expansion in the Mediterranean area.

DirectPower DC, developed and produced in Salzbergen in Germany, but with an all-Italian design, is equipped with two direct current cables and it can charge two cars at the same time or just one. Customers can purchase the basic version of the product, which includes two 60-kW power modules, and then add further modules, each weighing around 15kg, therefore very light, achieving a power of 120kW or 360kW. The charging station’s colors can be customized and it has an upper part with a maxi-screen where advertising multimedia material can be uploaded.

Direct Power DC is also the first charging station designed ergonomically to ensure maximum accessibility for users of any height or with disabilities. It offers a particularly intuitive and simple use experience and is equipped with a cable recovery system which supports most of the weight; moreover, it has a touch user screen and integrates a luminous signaling system by means of multicolor LED-strips to remotely inform the user of the status of the cables and of the charge.

“We are really proud of this non-European order signed by NIS for the DirectPower DC solution, which demonstrates how attention to the evolution of mobility from a green perspective, towards a new paradigm that will lead to a widespread diffusion of electric vehicles, is now widely disseminated. Indeed, we believe that promoting the spread of eMobility is crucial to favor the transition towards a sustainable development model, in which renewable energies and zero-emission technologies will play a central role”, declared the CEO of NIS, Dominique Llonch. “I am delighted that AmisraGreen appreciated the distinctive features of our new Ultra-Fast charging station, the first in the world designed both to allow the highest level of customization for managers and to ensure maximum inclusiveness for users, and one that, thanks to these features, will be able to promote greater use of the recharging infrastructure and therefore a greater dissemination of hybrid and electric cars. A product that is attracting the attention of the market and which, associated with our DirectPower PS charging system with integrated battery, positions us as a partner for all the players in the electric mobility supply chain.”

Here at AmisraGreen, we are convinced that electric transport will be the key to promoting a more sustainable mobility model and that the collaboration with NIS represents a fundamental step in our development strategy. The ergonomics, ease of installation and maintenance and the modularity that characterize DirectPower DC respond perfectly to our needs and very quickly convinced us to confirm our choice of the NIS technology. The fact that this solution is designed for any type of user aligns with our approach aimed at maximum inclusiveness.”

The charging station, available on the market with all the expected features, is attracting the interest of sector operators (CPO), service stations, large supermarket chains, resorts and company fleet managers. In addition to the units purchased by AmisraGreen, to the units sold to an organization that carries out tests on electric cars, to the set that was installed in October in Germany, in Salzbergen, and to a further one that will be installed in Turkey, other orders are being closed in Italy and in various European countries and NIS will also install these solutions in its factories in Milan and Montebello, with a view to migrating the entire company fleet to electric transport.

Direct Power is developed as two models: a slim one, DirectPower DC 120, which reaches 120kW, and another, DirectPower DC 360 whose 360kW is capable of achieving the maximum currently on the market in compact solutions. A slim version without power modules is also available, which connects to another product in the Nidec range, the Direct Power PS, an advanced system launched by NIS in 2018 that connects the national grid with the charging stations, acting, thanks to its integrated batteries, as a “buffer”, allowing vehicles to be charged in Ultra-fast mode at 300kW even with mains power limited to 100kW.

The Group is fully-active in the world of mobility and has been creating ropeway systems for over forty years, making them an increasingly-utilized system of public transport, while also supplying systems for charging electric buses and passenger transport via tram/trolley. NIS also promotes a greener and more sustainable maritime transport with shore-to-ship systems built in Italy, France and Malta, and in the development phase in Greece and Spain, that provide an electrical power supply for docked ships, as well as important initiatives such as the supply of storage battery systems for on-board energy for full-electric and hybrid cargo ships, ferries and yachts.