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Nidec ASI consolidates its European leadership in the battery energy storage sector with a new project in Northern Ireland


The plant, being built for SUSI Partners, represents a further important milestone towards an increasingly electric and green energy market, a pivotal aspect of Europe’s economic recovery plan with sustainability in mind


Milan, 20 April 2022 – Nidec ASI, part of the Energy & Infrastructure Division of the Nidec Group, a group committed to relaunching the economy with an eye to greater sustainability, continues to grow in Europe, this time providing Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) solutions for a major project in Northern Ireland, UK. This plant meets new global environmental and energy needs and the growing demand for renewable energy sources which, thanks to energy storage solutions, can become even more widespread, thus contributing to, and accelerating, the energy transition from fossil fuels to solar, wind and hydro power.

The 50 MW BESS plant is being built for SUSI Partners, a Swiss fund specialized in sustainable energy infrastructure investments, with German renewable energy developer ABO Wind acting as General Contractor. Nidec ASI has been commissioned to act as Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractor, while also taking care of management and maintenance services. The project involves the development and installation of a complete battery storage system, consisting of 13 units. The plant is intended for the capacity market, for grid services offered by EIRGrid and SONI to reduce grid congestion. The plant will store any surplus renewable energy produced to feed back into the grid. The site is located near a residential area which is not a problem for Nidec ASI technology which has been carefully studied to minimize environmental impact, including reduced noise emissions.

Battery storage systems are becoming an integral part of the new energy strategy and modern electricity grids, as key elements for realizing the vision of a sustainable and electric future. With approximately 1 GWh of BESS solutions installed all over the world – including Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Finland (where new projects are currently being developed) and as far away as the Maldives – Nidec ASI ranks among the top 3 world leaders in the sector. It is the main supplier of BESS plants for the utility sector in Europe with a deep commitment to the green energy revolution.

“I am very proud of this turnkey project. The fact that SUSI Partners and ABO Wind chose us as a partner is further proof of the excellent results we have achieved to date in the battery energy storage sector, particularly the exceptional performance of our products which we continue to demonstrate in the field,” said Dominique Llonch, CEO of Nidec ASI and Chairman of Nidec Industrial Solutions. “We are also proud of the research and development work undertaken in recent years to improve energy production prediction for wind farms, even more difficult than with photovoltaic systems, thus increasing the certainty of the amount of energy produced and sold while significantly reducing the risk of electricity grid blackouts. Thanks to this work and the specific skills developed, we have contributed to perfecting the energy management system for the wind sector, reaching levels of excellence and helping our customers to maximize the profitability of their plants”.

This project, together with the numerous success cases around the world, make Nidec ASI a real leader in the transition to renewable energy to combat climate change and curb the rise in atmospheric pollution produced, favoring the transition from a development model with high carbon emissions to a sustainable and green one.