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“400 or 4000 volts motors” An article in Gas Compression Magazine by James Nanney


“400 or 4000 volts motors”? Nidec Industrial Solutions offers both and can help customers make the right selection.

Click here to read the article in Gas Compression Magazine by James Nanney, our Business Development Manager in North America.

Here a short preview:

“Like most “simple” projects, it is the little things that can cause project manager to ask “why”. Understanding all of the costs associated between LV and MV, including efficiency and reliability, is always part of good engineering choices. […] There is no right answer, like most engineering problems. If it is cost-driven, and all other factors are the same, LV makes sense. If operating costs, reliability, and/or uptime and factors, then MV should be given more consideration. At least if asked, there is a solid foundation for the selection.”